Brussels Jazz Orchestra

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English The album ‘BJO’s Finest – Live!’ was originally released as a cd in 2013 and received critical acclaim worldwide.  It is now re-released as a BluRay album with an incredible Auro-3D® mix, a Belgian technology. The true emotion of the live concert is captured to the fullest, recreating the harmonics and natural timbre of each instrument, perceiving more depth and transparency.

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Brussels Jazz Orchestra

BJO Finest – Live! (Blu-Ray)
label Saphrane
article # S 62616
barcode 8712618626160
release date Benelux 11-3-2016


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Brussels Jazz Orchestra w. Tutu Puone – Mama Africa (S 62612) (2010)

Brussels Jazz Orchestra Tutu Puoane Maam Africa

Brussels Jazz Orchestra – BJO Finest Live! (S 62615) (2013)

S 62615 Brussels Jazz Orchestra
S 62615 Brussels Jazz Orchestra