Ciara Sidine

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Na zes jaar eindelijk een nieuw album van singer-songwriter Ciara Sidine. Unbroken Line geeft opnieuw de klasse aan van deze bijzondere zangeres!


After six years finally a new album by the Irish singer-songwriter Ciara Sidine, once again a remarkable showcase of her talent!


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Ciara Sidine



Over/about Shadow Road Shining (2012)





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Ciara Sidine Unbroken Line

Ciara Sidine

Unbroken Line
label MW Records
article # MWCD 1028
barcode 8712618102824
release date Benelux 23-2-2018


Shadow Road Shining
label MW Records
article # MWCD 1024
barcode 8712618102428
release date Benelux 23-1-2012

MWCD 1024 Ciara Sidine - Shadow Road Shining

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Ciara Sidine – Shadow Road Shining (MWCD 1024) (2012)

Ciara Sidine – Unbroken Line (MWCD 1028) (2018)


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