El Juntacadáveres

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El Juntacadáveres brengt een stomende mix van tango met hiphop, electro, rock, jazz, reggae… energiek en vol met Twists and turns.



El Juntacadáveres present a boiling mix of tango combined with hiphop, electronics, rock, jazz, reggae… energetic and full of Twists and turns.

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Track 1: Piazolleando

Track 2: B-Boy

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NOTE: (c) Bogdan Hoyaux  (click on pictures below for hi-res version)

El Juntacadáveres Twist and turns 2015 El Juntacadáveres 2015





El Juntacadáveres

Twist and turns
label Zimbraz
article # MWCD 3048
barcode 8712618304822
release date Benelux 9-2-2015

El Juntacadáveres 2015

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De Platino (MWCD 3047) (2013)

Twist and turns (MWCD 3048) (2015)

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