Michael de Jong

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Na een aantal zeer goed ontvangen solo-cd’s verrast singer-songwriter Michael de Jong met opnames die hij in de jaren ‘80 met zijn band in San Francisco maakte: stevige bluesrock van de bovenste plank.

After several well-received solo-albums singer-songwriter Michael de Jong releases an album he has made with his band, back in the eighties in San Francisco. This is powerful blues-rock!


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Click here for a video of Michael de Jong playing ‘Ain’t pulling no punches’ from this album.

Michael de Jong

Michael de Jong Band – Live


label MW Records
article # MWCD 1026
barcode 8712618102626
release date Benelux 14-10-2013


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@Music & Words:
The Great Illusion (MWCD 1017, 2006)
Le Voyageur Solitaire (MWCD 1900,
For Madmen Only (MWCD 1022,
For Madmen Only (6S 229008,
2009) 180grs vinyl
Life in D-minor (MWCD 1025,