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shura lipovsky malakhShura Lipovsky – Malakh. Absence/presence

Shura Lipovsky is undoubtedly one of the most important performers of Yiddish and Jewish music in Europe. Her new album is a powerful statement, a message of hope as well as an outcry for dialogue in these difficult times.

“In Jewish understanding there is a future time of consciousness and peace (messianic times), where humanity will live in joy, in playful creativity and without painful judgment of others. In our world today, however, we witness once more how dictators kill their own people, how terror attacks and wars culminate in the destruction of human lives and dignity and how lies and polarisation make a life of true dialogue even more difficult. Yet, on the other hand, I see how many people in our times tirelessly work for a better world. They are ʻangels clothed in fleshʼ, human beings who donʼt give up fighting for the right to existence for all of humanity (and nature). ” (S.L.)

On her new album Malakh (Angel) singer Shura Lipovsky presents 17 songs illustrating this theme. The opening song ‘Haynt iz purim’ speaks of the joyous Purim holiday, where joy is traditionally linked to the time of peace and justice. ‘Shemt zikh der malakh’ (The angel is ashamed) was written in 2014, after the MH17 airplane was shot down in the Ukraine and 298 citizens were killed. The cd ends with positive songs ‘Yosele’ (about the awareness of beauty in our daily life) and ‘Ale Brider’ (hope for a peaceful world).
Shura’s beautiful voice and the excellent playing of her Ensemble Novaya Shira make this a moving album, but also a powerful statement, a message of hope and an outcry for dialogue in these difficult times.

Shura Lipovsky has played a vital role in the revival of Yiddish song, writing and singing a new Yiddish song-repertoire and also singing Sephardic songs, as part of her interest in Jewish minority cultures. As a singer, a Jewish storyteller (Magid) and a songwriter, she has performed in most of the important concert halls (e.g. Carnegie Hall New York, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Salle Gaveau Paris) and has been a regular guest in klezmer festivals around the world.

Ensemble Novaya Shira is
Bert Vos (violin)
Marjolijn van Roon (recorder)
Peter van Os (accordion)
Maaike Roelofs (cello)
Paul Prenen (piano).

‘Who listens to Shura Lipovsky, also known as the ‘Grande Dame’ of Yiddish songs, agrees immediately. Charm and stage presence of the singer are overwhelming ..’ (Review concert Bonner Klezmertage” 12-04-2012, Bonn)

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Shura Lipovsky Vaytinke   Shura Lipovsky Vaytinke

(c) Pictures: Michel Borzykowski

Shura Lipovsky & Ensemble Novaya Shira – Vaytinke. Traditional and new Yiddish songs (2014)

Shura Lipovsky & Ensemble Novaya Shira
label -I-C-U-B4-T-
article # CUP 8068
barcode 8712618806821
release date Benelux 24-04-2020


Shura Lipovsky & Ensemble Novaya Shira
label -I-C-U-B4-T-
article # CUP 8058
barcode 8712618805824
release date Benelux 13-01-2014


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Moments of Jewish Life (SYN 153, 1993)
Tsart, Tenderness in Word and Sound (MWCD 4056, 2006)

Met Ensemble Antequera:
Jews and Christians : Music in Medieval Spain (SYN 193, 1996)

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